Veterinary Compounding

We Serve Pet Owners with Medication Compounding for Pets

Enexia Specialty is a specialized compounding pharmacy designed to serve pet owners, veterinarians, and animal care specialists. Enexia Specialty can provide the medication your pets need in chewable, capsules, eye and ear preparations, injections, creams, capsules, suspensions, suppositories, eardrops and other easy-to-use dosage forms for your furry, feathered, finned, or scaly family members.

We can prepare delicious flavored treats in a variety of pet-friendly flavors including tuna, shrimp, chicken, seafood, liver, beef, peanut butter, and fruit flavors to make giving medicine to your pets easier for you and more pleasant for them.

Enexia Creates Customized Medication for Your Pets

Giving your pet medication can be tricky at best and, if that pet has food allergies, it can be worse. Compounding can make sure your animal is getting the best results from medications prescribed by your veterinarian. Our specially trained pharmacists will work with your veterinarian to find the methods of delivery, dosage, strength, or taste to create a better medication experience for you and your pet.

Please call us, contact us online or stop in and visit with our Compounding Pharmacy staff with questions or to learn more.