VitaCare offers comprehensive care and medicine services for hospice and long-term care patients including:

  • Custom formularies
  • Compounding pharmacy and alternative dosing
  • 3rd party billing
  • Medication management to palliative and hospice care patients
  • Custom comfort kits
  • Patient medication monitoring
  • IV medications
  • CMS reporting and audits
  • Pharmaceutical care in collaboration with hospice providers

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Cost Containment and Quality Assurance Initiatives

VitaCare LTC Pharmacy is committed to providing outstanding service. As part of that commitment, we are dedicated to ensuring our pharmacists are highly trained in quality assurance programs. All VitaCare staff is trained in Fraud Waste and Abuse and we require our pharmacists and technicians to participate in annual continuing education programs.

Formulary reviews are completed on a daily basis as part of the VitaCare cost containment program. Working collaboratively with physicians, we ensure that all patients receive the most affordable and therapeutic choices in medication therapy. 

Interoperability - Demographic and Medication Interface

VitaCare stays up-to-date with the latest technological advances by offering a demographic and medication software application. This allows for a near real-time interface for a streamlined operation.

Benefits of the VitaCare demographic and medication interface includes:

  • Patient demographics including diagnosis and allergies
  • Ability to push filled medications to electronic health records
  • Control hospice-covered medications from electronic health records
  • Fewer phone calls and clicks
  • Improves 8357 files
  • CR8358 is sent on a routine
  • E-prescribing for medical directors
  • Online reports
  • Dedicated IT staff

For your convenience, VitaCare also offers mobile applications, including:

  • Refill app allows nurses to review current medications
  • Prior Auth app allows managers to provide medication authorizations

Implementation Plan

Our dedicated team will guide you through the process of transitioning from your current provider to VitaCare. To facilitate your transition, our highly-trained and experienced personnel will be dedicated to your facility throughout the duration of the transition process.

Once all of the information from your current pharmacy is transferred to VitaCare, we will provide training of our WebConnect or DrFirst systems to all staff members and prescribers.

Your staff will love the effortless transition! Get in touch with VitaCare today to get started.

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