WebConnect offers a secure link between VitaCare Pharmacy and your facility. You can electronically share important patient information and provide quality patient care in your facility. WebConnect is an interface that can easily access your residents information, refill prescriptions, transmit new orders, and view deliveries in real-time.


  • Provides access to pharmacy data
  • Add, update, view patient information, including allergies, medical conditions, ancillary orders, and medication profiles
  • Send updates to the pharmacy
  • Print E-Scripts
  • Reorder refills electronically
  • View and manage deliveries
  • Nurses or AMAP Staff can search patients and view profiles from the nurses' station
  • Refills are sent directly to the pharmacy system queue, eliminating fax requests
  • Examine drug interaction information, including nutritional  supplements
  • View precautions
  • Print EMARS
  • Security access is managed by the pharmacy. System provides a secure logon, complete with specific facility name and pass code