Specialty Drugs

Specialty Meds for Better Results

Managing medications for yourself or loved one can be difficult, especially if you or the person you care for has age or illness-related complications. Enexia Specialty understands these difficulties and offers personalized medication therapy management to make it easier.

Specialty Meds is a service offered by Enexia Specialty and is covered by Medicare for eligible patients. The goal is to help patients better understand their medicine and allows the pharmacist to have a one-on-one private appointment to obtain information on potential barriers to adherence.

Patients come in or consult with a pharmacist over the telephone for an initial 60-minute appointment. During that appointment with a caring Enexia Specialty pharmacist, they will set a prioritized list of problems to address and then several 30-minute follow-ups to check for progress. In these appointments, we can also check blood pressure and/or blood glucose and help train a patient to properly use a device such as an insulin pen.

Providing Patient Education and Preventative Care

When patients get educated and a pharmacist helps patients overcome side effects (i.e. taking a water pill in the morning versus evening to avoid waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom) patients are more adherent, more likely to follow-up with prescribers, and more likely to utilize preventative medicine such as flu shots. In the end, we end up with healthier patients which can slow and stop the advancement of disease state and emergency hospitalizations.

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