VitaCare Long Term Pharmacy

Medication Solutions for Long-Term Care, Assisted Living & Care Centers

Do you work for an assisted living facility or senior care center?

Then you know what a struggle medication management can be. Let VitaCare Long Term Pharmacy from Enexia Specialty take the work and stress out of medication management. Contact Us with questions about the VitaCare Long Term Pharmacy or to get enrolled today.

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Vitacare Pharmacy, a division of Enexia Specialty, is specialized to provide long-term care for you and your loved ones. It is our pleasure to bring you a variety of services designed to make every step as simple and effortless as possible. To begin, we provide a choice between vials and blisters for delivery of medication. Blisters are special sealed packages that are numbered for a month's worth of medication to help you properly administer the correct dosage at the right time. In addition, great deals of our medications are pre-filled as "fast-movers" to get a month's supply to you as quickly as possible.

Our facility is also outfitted to supply a number of different surgical supplies such as canes, wheelchairs, braces, etc. In addition, we at Vitacare can handle any incontinence needs. To make life easier, we provide invoice billing for the end of the month as well as providing three different times during the day for home deliveries. Considering this, we are comfortable enough to promise same-day delivery for medications.

As a long-term care pharmacy, we work closely to match the needs of several facilities including Hospice and Palliative Care Centers. RPHs are available for after-hours calls in cases of emergencies as well as drivers for deliveries of stat medications. We look forward to assisting you!

Check out our Unique Multi Dose Blister packaging for EZ medication management